Terms of Service

Situational Appraisal:  This is the user agreement between you (the “Studio”) and Dance Motion Marketing.

Studio is currently operating at less than total capacity and enrollment. The opportunity in front of us is to fill the studio vacancies and increase revenue through new enrollments. This allows The Studio to plan for revenue, attendance, and inform the class schedule for the fall semester.

This document serves as an Agreement (the “Agreement”) between the Studio and Dance Motion Marketing (the “Provider”).

  • Design an irresistible entry offer to bring new prospective students through the front door.
  • Design and build a high conversion landing page with professional copy writing.  
  • Generate enough traffic so that with even a modest ‘enrollment rate’ the school recoups all marketing dollars and generates profit.
  • Split test and optimize ad spend to maintain the cost per new student acquisition at a profitable performance

Measures of success:

  • Uptick in interested students and steady stream of fresh leads
  • Week-over-week improvements in the marketing system
  • Establish a baseline cost-per-lead
  • Decreasing cost-per-click across all ad-spend.

Methodology and Approach
The Dance Motion Marketing Done-for-You program (hereby known as the Service) is executed in three phases: prelaunch, build out, and optimize.  

We’ll begin by working with you to understand you entry offer - the offer that is most likely to attract and convert the maximum number of interested students. This phase consists of a series of meetings (two) between your team and ours, plus a client intake form to help you identify your most attractive entry offer.  

Build Out
With that offer in hand, our team of professional copywriters will craft language to make your offer as enticing as possible.Our developers will build and host a custom-built landing page for you to encourage opt-ins on your offer. With the landing page in place, our team of media buyers will write and design ads to begin the flow of steady traffic to your landing page.

The next phase is all about making the system work better. Every week our team will review your ad and conversion data to understand what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll run consistent split tests (on both the ads and the landing page) to drive up engagement and decrease the cost per click on your Facebook ads. Each week the best performing ad will be kept and the ‘loser’ is replaced with a new challenger.  

Due to current capacity, we are able to begin the prelaunch phase of the project within 1 month of the receipt of payment unless otherwise stated in writing by the Provider and can expect to launch 3 weeks after we begin work.

Our accountabilities
Meet all agreed upon deadlines
Provide leadership around next steps & timeline
Keep all company matters confidential and discreet.  
Schedule the once a month check-in to review, align, and assess next steps.

Client accountabilities
Onboarding survey & completed worksheets prior to kickoff meeting
Attend kickoff meeting  
Keep all agreed upon meetings and calls as a priority  
Give approval to video assets, campaign messaging and assets within 1 business day of receiving them
Ensure payment of all invoices on due dates  

Joint accountabilities
We mutually agree to immediately inform the other of development that might materially affect the success and/or outcome of this project.

To get you up to speed, we’ll schedule a 1 hr kick off call and a 30 min prelaunch check in call to ensure that you're ready for your campaign launch.

After your campaign launches, we will schedule a post-launch followup call to walk you through the campaign and show you how it’s performing.

Additionally, we will initiate a once a month check in with you to review your campaigns and  ensure that we are promoting activities that are serving your business objectives.

At times, our team may request additional meetings with your team to review campaign performance.


For quality assurance, all communication is to be via email only. The email address to use is Kristian@dancemotionmarketing.com.  

If the Studio wishes to speak on the phone, the Studio should send an email to the above email address stating that you would like to schedule a phone call and the Provider will work with you to arrange a time.  

Provider’s office hours are 8:00-5:00pm CST and responds to all email inquiries within 12 hours, excluding weekends and standard public holidays.

Terms and Conditions:
The project fee is broken into two portions - the Setup Fee and the Service Fee (collectively the “Fees”).  

Setup Fee: covers the on boarding & discovery meetings, technology expenditures, and creative man-hours related to building your creative assets including the landing pages, ad creative, and enrollment follow-up sequence. Should the Studio elect to take the Fast-Action Bonus (acceptance of this agreement within 24 hours of the offer being made), they are exempt from this fee.

Service Fee: In effect on the first day of the month once your ads go live and, remains in effect for each month that the Studio elects to use the Service until cancelled. This fee covers the ongoing management of your Facebook creative, including creative collateral, split testing, ad optimization, and twice monthly check-in calls.

The fees will be charged via a secure payment gateway. Monthly payments will be deducted directly from the payment method you select when you execute the contract.

Fees listed below:

Setup Fee: Three Thousand Two Hundred ($3,200) unless waived through Fast-Action Bonus
Service Fee: One Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Seven ($1,297) per month

Ad spend is not included in these fees and is an additional cost that is paid directly to Facebook on a monthly basis. The best practice recommendation is to spend $10-$30 per day on your ads and we will make suggested adjustments as needed to achieve the objective. Our terms are payment in full within 7 (seven) days of the completion of the last session.  

No results, projections, promises, or guarantees:

The Studio recognizes and agrees that we have made no implications, warranties, promises or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or results, or that you will earn any money and that we have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others.

There is no assurance that any prior successes or past results will apply, nor can any prior successes be used as an indication of your future success or results from any of the information, content, or strategies. Any and all claims or representations as to income or earnings (whether monetary or advertising credits, whether convertible to cash or not) are not to be considered as “average earnings”.

Any results are only estimates of what we think you could earn. There is no assurance you will do as well as stated in any examples. If you rely upon any figures provided, you must accept the entire risk of not doing as well as the information provided.  

Limitation of liability:  

Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, in no event, whether based in contract or tort (excluding negligence) shall either party be liable to the other for incidental, consequential, indirect, or special damages of any kind or for any loss of profits or revenue or loss of business arising out of or relating to this agreement or the breach there of.  

Client Indemnity:

The Studio shall indemnify and hold harmless the Provider, it’s parent, subsidiary, affiliated companies, and its officers, directors, employees and other representatives from and against, all claims, costs, damages, expenses, settlements, awards, demands and liability of any other whatsoever nature or kind, including attorney’s fees, court costs, for injury, loss, harm, or damage to persons or property, because of or in any manner connected with or arising out of the Studio’s willful breach of this Agreement, or the Studio’s violation of any law, statute, ordinance or regulation applicable to its business or activities, in each case, to the extent arising from thee negligent acts of willful admission of the Studio. This indemnification clause shall survive termination on this Agreement with respect to indemnification obligations arising prior to such termination.  

If at any point you are dissatisfied or having problems with Provider, the quality of the work, or the quality of the leads, we ask that you communicate clearly in writing your grievances and give us 30 days to improve. If there is no improvement, we’ll take you off the agreement and part ways.

Once cancelled, we will continue to work on your behalf for the remainder of the billing period should you desire it. At the end of the billing period, we will cede management of your account and wait seven (7) days before unpublishing and disposing all materials hosted on our servers as relate to your business.  

Provider reserves the right to terminate the partnership at will and will do so after 30 days if we don’t hear from you. We’ll assume that you no longer need our services, and we may choose to terminate the agreement; in this event, all unpaid fees will be due and collectable at the time of termination.  

Agreement is activated when you make your first month’s deposit.