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Make Your Passion Profitable With Josephine Lancuba

In the last episode of season one, we talk with Josephine Lancuba - a dancer turned studio owner who now helps studio owners learn to scale their passions into full-blown profitable businesses.

In The Studio Vs On The Studio With Lydia Woodward

In this episode of the Despacito talk with Lydia Woodward - and accomplished dancer in studio owner in her own right as she unpacks the challenging transition of moving from working in your studio to thinking about legacy and working on your studio.

Building Safe Spaces with Lauren Skiniotes

Is your dance studio a safe place? Do you want it to be? In today's episode of the Dance Business Daily I talk with Lauren Skiniotes -the owner/operator of Momentum Dance Studios. In addition to sharing her story how she got into studio ownership, the lesson she learned along the way, Lauren also explosions why creating a safe space is one of her organization's highest priorities.

From The Front Desk To Owning The Most Successful Latin Dance Studio In A City With Kyle Culmann

Kyle Culmann didn't set out to build a dance studio. He wasn't even a dancer! But in an extraordinary turn a fate he ended up founding one of the most well-known - and longest running - Latin dance studios in Indianapolis.

Never Say "No" - How One Dance Studio Owner Is Building To Last With Nikki Pittman

"I never want to say no to anybody. Dance is for everyone" Today I talk with Nikki Pittman of Expressions Dance Studio in Plymouth Indiana as she unpacks her one-of-a-kind philosophy on my dance should be approachable for anyone – regardless of their ability to pay for it.

Dance: A Way To Do Good With Larry Brewer

How one dance studio owner is using the power of dance to keep kids off the street, create diverse & inclusive communities, and build healthier adults. Check out the work Larry and his team are doing at

The Secret To Long Term Studio Success: Good People With Jojean Retrum

When you’re in business, it can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks that need to be completed. But if you don’t have great people around you, your company will never reach its full potential. Today I talk with JoJean Retrum - a successful entrepreneur, multi-business owner, and 2nd generation studio owner -about (among other things) the importance of surrounding yourself with good people.

From Failing To Success: Building A Dance Studio On Trust with Josh Wille

What's the best way to build a dance studio? The answer is simple: grow on trust. But how do you get people to trust you in the first place? Today we talk with Josh Wille of studio nine and he'll share some practical tips so your business can thrive!

The Power of a Compelling Mission With Jenny Griffes

In this episode, we talk with Jenny Griffes of Upstace Center of Performing Arts to hear the story of how she started her business what she learned along the way and how she's grown as a business owner. In particular we zero in on the power of a clear mission statement -what that does for your staff, your students, and for your own sanity as a studio owner.

Build Your team, Then Your Dance Business With Ginny Durow

Today on the dance business daily I have the privilege of speaking with Ginny Durow of Ginny's Danceworks out of Brighton Michigan. At the studio owner who's been in business for over three decades she's learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful. And the number one thing? Build your team and let them build the business Check out the work Ginny and here team are doing:

"I raised my rates and my students THANKED me!" with Brian B

Today I talk with Brian B - former dance champion, studio owner, and growth oriented entrepreneur - and together we scratch the surface on the mindsets and attitudes necessary to explosively grow your dance studio business.